New Challenges
in Language and Literature


Foreword: New Challenges, Daring Responses

The Organizers


Part I. New Challenges in Language


Ethnography and Complexity in SLA Research

Adail Sebastião Rodrigues-Júnior

Vera Lúcia Menezes de Oliveira e Paiva


Students’ Experiences and Beliefs in the Language Classroom:

Challenges and Opportunities for Reflective Learning

Ana Maria Ferreira Barcelos


“Great Expectations”: Understanding Hope

Through Efl Teachers’ Narratives

Andréa Machado de Almeida Mattos


A Reflection on the Challenges for Teaching

Genres in University Settings

Antonia Dilamar Araújo


Genres in English Language Course Books:

Teaching Words and Images

Barbara Hemais


Slang and the Internet

Connie Eble


The Identity of “World English”

Kanavillil Rajagopalan


Fractals and Fragmented Identities in Language Acquisition

Liliane Assis Sade


Some Crucial Elements of Learning Ecologies

of Linguistic Contagion

Tim Murphey


Authorship in Materials Design for Language Teaching

Vilson J. Leffa


The Challenge of Autonomization

Walkyria Magno e Silva


Foreign Languages Teaching, Education and the

New Literacies Studies: Expanding Views

Walkyria Monte Mór



Part II. New Challenges in Literature


Transnational Cinema: Representations of Latin American

Geopolitical Struggles in Contemporary Anglo-American Films

Anelise Reich Corseuil


Red Criticism

Eloína Prati dos Santos


New Challenges from the Lost Unity: Shakespeare,

Performance and Difference

Erick Ramalho de Souza Lima


The Challenge of Critical Reflexivity Through

a Postmodern Paradox

Fabio Akcelrud Durão


Postmodern Fiction Challenges: Reevaluating the

Vietnam War and the War on Terror

Giséle Manganelli Fernandes


Postmodern Challenges in Alice Munro’s Short Fiction:

Issues of Language and Representation

José dos Santos


The Deconstruction of Cultural Icons in the Fiction

of Sandra Cisneros and Helena María Viramontes

Leila Assumpção Harris


India’s “Truths”: Criticism Across Borders

for an Alter-Post-Colonialism

Makarand Paranjape


Feminist Criticism and Knowledge:

(Literary) History and its Silences

Rita Terezinha Schmidt


In and Out the Global Village: Gender

Relations in a Cosmopolitan World

Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida


Hypertext, Information Overload, and the Death of Literature

Sérgio Luiz P. Bellei


Oracle Night: A Bakhtinian Reading of

Paul Auster’s Metafictional Narrative

Sigrid Renaux


Diaspora and Modernity: The Postethnic Ethos

in Denise Chong’s The Concubine’s Children

Smaro Kamboureli